How to clear a jammed nail gun?

The inability to fire the gun on pressing the trigger can be the most alarming news of the jamming of the nail gun, Be it the whether it got caught within the gun or got hit by some object, the nail gun once when jammed can become very difficult to unjam it. It is thus recommended that you follow the following trick to unjam your nail gun, which ensures the smooth functioning of the nail gun:

  1. Disconnection: Keeping the nail gun away from the power source while removing the jammed nail is often on the best ways to ensure that you don’t cause an accident while rectifying the jammed nail gun. Many varieties of nail guns are available which include pneumatic, electric and battery-powered. Thus, it is suggested to remove the source of power before starting your mission.
  2. Getting into the gun: Often getting into the gun can be as easy as the removal of the barrel or opening of the mag. This ensures that the nail if stuck at the barrel be removed or if there is a certain issue with the mag can be corrected. Often, you need not try beyond this step as most of the problems faced by the nail gun jammer are due to issues in the barrel.
  3. Use the handwork: It is time to bring in the pliers and the hammer to remove the nail which is jammed in the barrel. It can often be a tricky situation, as the size of the nail is too small. Hence, it is recommended to ensure tremendous patience and skills to remove the nail, which you can identify by its position in the barrel. But, wait! Is removing the jammed nail enough? Also, make sure that there are no issues with other nails by removing them and checking them as well as check the nozzle of the gun too.
  4. Get it back together: Once you are done doing all these, it is suggested to get back all the parts of the gun and assemble it back to the loader. Make sure the mag is loaded properly as well as the power source is plugged in properly. Test the gun for seamless working before taking it on to the field, once again.

Stay safe while using the nail gun. Often, jammed nail guns can be a cause of worry. Hence, proper ad regular maintenance can help in reducing the issues of the jammed nail guns. Before buying new nailer check out our best nail gun reviews.

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