Nail Gun Maintenance: A Guide Every DIYer Must Read

Using a nail gun can really make it easy for you to work on DIY projects. They can help you with the restoration of furniture, making new furniture, installing flooring and doing other such task which can take a lot of time while doing them manually by hand. In our recommendation, it is totally worth purchasing a nail gun. It is also quite important to maintain the nail gun properly so as to increase the life and complete the work with the same efficiency. To help you with the maintenance of the nail gun, we have listed some of the basic maintenance items that can be taken care of in your daily schedule. Check out these essentials below and ensure that you restrict to them.

Tips to Maintain Nail Gun

Here are some of the points that must be taken care off during the regular maintenance of nail gun.

  • Screws and Bolts – The nail gun is made of several moving part and there are chances that with regular use, the screws and bolts may loosen up. In such a case, you need to ensure that the screws and bolts are tight and secure. This is not required on a daily basis but you can ensure this kind of maintenance once in a while depending on your usage.
  • Lubrication – For the nail gun that uses air trigger system or pneumatic system, it is essential to ensure that the nail gun is well lubricated. This is especially true for the air fitting and this step can be done on a regular basis. It will hardly take few seconds and most of the manufacturers provide with oil with the nail gun. You can also refer to the user guide of the nail gun to check out the parts that would need oiling. Accordingly, lubricate the nail gun and this will reduce the wear and tear significantly.
  • Battery Maintenance – Not all nail guns use a battery but the cordless one does. For the ones that use battery, you must also take care of battery maintenance steps. This includes checking the battery connection, charging capacity and the expiry date of the battery. If you notice any issues with the battery or if you notice battery swelling up then you must immediately contact the manufacturer.
  • Feed System – It is also very important to ensure that the feed system is clean. As a matter of fact, the feed system will attract debris and dirt. This can cause a problem with the firing mechanism and in such a case, before every use, you can clean the feed system with compressed air. This will ensure that any debris stuck there is removed. If you notice any grim around the surface then clean it as well.

These were some of the basic maintenance activities that you must undertake to ensure the proper health of your nail gun. This will not only enhance the life of nail gun by reducing wear and tear but it will also help you in maintaining the efficiency of the nail gun while you are using them. Ensure that the nail gun is not connected to air supply or electrical supply while you are doing the daily maintenance job. This will ensure that there are no chances of getting an injury during the job.

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