What is a Palm Nailer Used For?

If you are looking for a simple nail gun which is compact then palm nailer can do the job very well. There are some tasks which don’t require a lot of power and hence a compact nail gun is enough for such tasks. The example can be assembling furniture, building a fence or other such tasks. There are a lot of people who do not know what a palm nailer is. If you also do not know much about palm nailer then let us first tell you what exactly a palm nailer is and then we will tell you about what are the tasks that you can use palm nailer for. This will help you in understanding if you really need to invest in a big nil gun or if it is okay for you to go ahead and purchase a palm nailer.

What exactly is a Palm Nailer?

A palm nailer is a nail gun but it is sized very small and it is very compact. You need to connect the nail gun to an air compressor so as to drive the nail inside any surface and the process is actually very quick. There are some cordless models available in palm nailer that also works on battery but they lack certain power. The best ones are the ones that can be connected to the air compressor and the advantage of the palm nailer is that you can use it in very tight spaces. The palm nailer is also very compact and lightweight which makes it easy to store, carry and use. The fact that they are lightweight also means that you would get rid of hand and arm ache which is usually a by-product of a large nail gun. You can easily use the palm nail with 1.5 inches to 6 inches nail and it is not very expensive either.

What is a palm nailer used for?

Coming to the main topic of utility, the palm nailer can be used for the task which doesn’t require brute force. You can use them on ceilings, edges, corners and even tight spaces. If you need to complete joist hanging then you can use the nail guns for that as well. Anything that requires a precise positioning can be completed with help of palm nailer. If you come across any task that requires you to work in very tight space then palm nailer will be able to help you with it. The best utility of palm nailer is while you are working on any kind of framing project. Even while using outdoor, palm nailer proves to be a convenient option for the people. If you are building furniture or if your furniture needs certain repair then palm nailer can help you.

In all, it can be said that palm nailer can be of great help in the task which requires mid-level forces. Some of the task that you might not want to use palm nailer for includes the roofing task and the flooring work. Apart from these, palm nailer can actually be used for anything.

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