Why Pneumatic Nail Guns Need Oil?

Pneumatic nail guns are amongst the most popular and widely used type of nail guns currently available in the market. However, if we talk about the reason behind the popularity of the pneumatic nail guns, then it would be none other than the usability and handling of the nail gun. Along with the different usability and performance, the Pneumatic nail guns have one special requirement that isn’t common with other types of nail guns and that is they need oil to keep them lubricated and stay in top working condition. Many users often wonder why they need to use the oil in Pneumatic nail guns and why it is a necessary step to keep the nail guns in the working condition.

In this article, we will dig deeper into the design and usability of Pneumatic nail guns to let you know about the basic work principle and usability of these nail guns which will eventually help you know why these guns need proper oiling. So, let’s get started.

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Working of a Pneumatic nail gun

Before knowing the exact reason for oiling the pneumatic nail guns, it is extremely important to know about how the nail guns actually work. Here is a brief overview of how the pneumatic nail guns work. Unlike the other types of nail guns, the hammering force in the Pneumatic nail guns is generated due to the compressed air which is caused due to the gas-powered air chamber. This air chamber has pistons in it that use that air to produce the necessary force to move the hammer.

The reason why you should oil the Pneumatic nail gun regularly

Due to the separate air chamber, and pistons, the number of moving parts in the Pneumatic nail gun is more than normal nail guns that are needed to be properly lubricated to work for long and to stay in their top running condition.

There are certain parts of the pneumatic nail gun that need regular maintenance and oiling to get assured of having great performance and utmost reliability. Some of these parts that you need to oil regularly are the air fitting chamber, trigger, feeding system, and the other moving parts that you think can wear with time.

By oiling the above-listed parts regularly or at least once a week (depending on your usage), you can be assured that the nail gun is going to serve you for many years without any performance or usability issues.

Things to keep in mind

Now, as it is clear that you should oil regularly you Pneumatic nail guns to get perfect results and efficiency, it is the right time to know about the certain precautions that you should take care of while lubricating the nail gun with oil.

  1. Choose the right type of oil
  2. Oiling the gun once a week would be enough
  3. You should remove the excess amount of oil from the body to have proper grip and handling

So, make sure that you keep the above-listed points to avoid any adverse situation caused by excess oiling. Use the proper product and your Pneumatic nail gun will serve you for many years without any major issue.

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